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who are we

EduCreate Tutors was founded by Hriday, Nitya, and Sid who wanted to give back to their community during a time of need. It has gradually expanded to a team of high school students across the nation who are passionate about educating children in their community.


Hi, I’m Nitya, and I co-founded EduCreate Tutors to provide a free, high-quality education to low-income families during a time of hardship. As the current Head of Management, I am excited to expand our services to children around the world and to personally get to know each of our students and their stories.

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Hi, I'm Akhila. I'm part of Programs and Outreach. I joined EduCreate Tutors as I wanted to help students that didn't have the best education or needed extra help.  I like that this is a online platform as many students across the country can ask us for help. I love to dance and read books.

our team


Hi, I’m Aditi! The Head of Software Development for Educreate Tutors. As a student myself, I understand how difficult distance learning can be which is why I’m dedicated to helping others with this problem. I enjoy baking and re-reading Percy Jackson books in my free time.


Hi, I’m Meha Selva and a highschooler in the Bay Area. When I first learned about EduCreate Tutors I was drawn in by the idea of helping students around the nation during these unparalleled times, and I wanted to be able to help children receive the best possible education and help for their future success.


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"fun and understandable"

“I really enjoy learning with EduCreate Tutors, because my tutors explain the topics in a fun and understandable way. I like to learn about science with my tutor, since I am interested in biology and human anatomy.”

Nandita, ELA & Science student

"professional and organized"

“EduCreate Tutors has been the best thing which has happened to my 10 year old daughter during the COVID-19 lockdown. They have helped my daughter with her tutoring sessions and making science fun and interesting. We have continued taking the classes with EduCreate Tutors in parallel with the academic school year. EduCreate Tutors are professional, organized and want to make education fun at the same time impart the knowledge to the young students. We are very happy with EduCreate Tutors and look forward to more sessions with them.”

Pavithra, parent

"grateful for the support"

“EduCreate Tutors is a wonderful organization for high schoolers who love to teach, because it allows them to have a great impact during such trying times. I feel proud of the ways I've helped the students I've tutored, whether that has meant clearing up confusion about topics they were learning at school, or helping take some stress off of families who appreciate that their children are being productive with their free time by learning. As a student myself, I understand that distance learning is difficult, so I'm grateful for the support the EduCreate Team has provided to me and to students who receive tutoring.”

Simi, Math & Science tutor

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"enjoyable and educational experience"

“I found tutoring to be both an enjoyable and educational experience. I learned to connect with kids and improve my own time management skills through the pressure of developing my own lesson plan, while still having fun and making friends along the way.”

Alyson, ELA tutor

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